Welcome to Heartsong Irish Wolfhounds, situated in southern California, midway between San Diego and Los Angeles, where we are lucky enough to have a little bit of country that helps in our endeavor to naturally rear our Heart Hounds.  My goal has been to raise dogs who enter their veteran years with great energy and spirit, and of course good health....to support that, we feed a species appropriate diet, and believe in minimal vaccines and toxins.  We have been rewarded in many ways, at Specialties, winning movement awards, type awards, awards of merit, etc.....the most rewarding of titles being "fireside companions".

When all is said and done at the end of the day, I want to feel the comfort and security that surround my puppies lives, even the two that live so far away from Heartsong.  I like to keep my babies close to me, but have to trust and share them with those who have promised to keep them as cherished family members, knowing they are loved, and come to them with special requests of keeping in communication and following a holistic way of life.  My sincerest regards to Sue & Wayne in Ohio for loving "Zoar" and Henry & Ebru in NY for loving "Cowboy".  I'd also like to thank Steve and Judy Hughes for loving Sooner and Arwen, and keeping them so close to Heartsong (it means so much to us). And last, but certainly not least , thanks to Gloria of CA for loving O'Golly.

I'd like to send a special thanks to a lady who has been an incredible resource in every way to my baby in NY.  Heartsong would also like to thank that same lady for helping us in taking our first steps on the Heartsong's site (we are rather old fashioned) and this is an exhilarating venture.  She is a friend to all of the Hounds of Heartsong.......Karen Smith of Lapine Press. We are most grateful.

Finally, a very special thank you to Betty Fisher for loving all the hounds of Heartsong.  Where would we all be without "Aunt Betty".

While in our third decade of living, loving, raising, showing, and rescuing Irish Wolfhounds, we have only bred five litters.  Our foundation, Merry Maiden, has allowed us to progress to where we are today......a very rewarding journey! So, enjoy your trip through our site where the hounds reside , indeed as
Songs of my Heart!!

Marian Temple
Heartsong Irish Wolfhounds
Southern California
Email:  merywolf7@aol.com