My whole family has loved and had dogs, specifically hound breeds.  My Aunt Sue bred and raised Standard Dachshunds.  My paternal Grandparents had Black and Tan Coonhounds.  So I suppose my natural inclination was towards hounds.  In the early 70's I fell in love with my first giant, Aoncu's Pumpkin CD.  He was a great first dog and a suburb introduction to the wonderful breed of Irish Wolfhounds.  Upon finishing his CD he was ranked number four Wolfhound in obedience.  Slowly but surely my life was led to the showing of Wolfhounds in conformation and, eventually, breeding. To date I have bred five litters.  These litters were bred over a 22 year time span and only when I wanted a dog from the breeding.  My dogs are always house dogs.  I have no use for runs.  Puppies are born and raised in my home and this is where they live out their lives (the ones that stay, of course!).  My puppies only go to like minded people who, over the years, continue to share their lives with me by sending photos, calling and consulting me before major decisions are made.

Being like-minded includes raw feeding and limited vaccines to no vaccines.  It has taken many years and many experiences for me to conclude that this is the best way… to boost the immune system, not to diminish it.  Fresh food always carries with it it's own immune boosters and anti-oxidants, etc.  I have been feeding a raw diet for almost a decade now and have found the observation of a transition into improved health very rewarding.  Along with this has come a personal promise NEVER to return to processed food.

Right: Merry Maiden with her daughter, Heartsong's Rapscallion